Sunday Schedule - Show Time!


5th Annual ‘Love Ya Dub’ VW Valentines Show 2019

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Habitat Noosa

Best in Show Categories

Best Beetle


Everyone who enters is in the running!

No specific hard and fast rules, just what takes the judges fancy on the day.

OG patina or super shiney, everyone is in the running.

Best Bus


Splitty or Bay this is for you!

Get the buff and start polishing that rust bucket, WHAAAAT! Patina thank-you!

Just kidding! They are all equally loved in every condition.

Best Off Road


Whether its the best or not so best, you are in the running!

Best Other Dub


In other words the judges won't know what they are looking for until they see it! It could be yours!

Best Of Show


Our passions can take us anywhere - not just cars but period items. This trophy is reserved for the whole ensemble.